Avalanche Death 

1. How long have you been producing under Avalanche Death?

It was summer 2017 when I uploaded the first song under Avalanche Death handle so it's already 4 years. So far so good and I met a lot of great friends along the way.

2. What are your musical and wider cultural influences?

Musically EDM stuffs I listened to growing up, like deadmau5, Avicii, or Swedish House Mafia. I love sweet progressive house melody hence my songs are almost always melodic. Culturally I have no idea because even though if I do have certain influences, I don't think it translates into my music.. But sometimes I imagine myself doing soundtrack for Maplestory.

3. What are your ambitions with music and in life more generally?

Daedelus once tweeted that getting handshakes from the club security dude is the best feeling a musician could have. I want to keep making music until I understand what it really means. I am always grateful to receive loves from the truest people. With life, I want to be more sincere and hard-working on whatever I do (currently as a student) until I eventually find a girl, get married and start a family. Wait until my son grow up to go to high school. In my car, on a way dropping him to school I will play Chainsmokers song so that he starts making fun of old people music. And I rant back at him, tell that this was the worst we had and it's been downhill ever since. This motivates me hard, to reach the stage of life where you have a kid and go through the same exact experience you had as a child but again as a father.

4. Can you talk about the influences for Things That You Cherish?

I never make songs with an explicit intention or some dramatic background story encoded underneath, but to think it, I feel like this project has connection to one photo that striked me hard back when I was young. That happens to every young kid in formative years, some images or experience which is not even that epic somehow gets stuck in your head forever. My case it's just a photo of a plant in wallpaper of the electronic dictionary I owned. What's sad about it is that I can no more get access to it. I don't own the dictionary anymore, and it's not even on google (I really tried searching it up to see if they have it). High chance the photo is completely gone and only place to find it is my memory.

5. What is next for you?

I'm actually entering bootcamp tomorrow to serve my country for the next year and a half so by the time you are reading this I'll be out of touch. I will train hard and learn useful skills to get out looking like Zyzz. I'll probably be very busy after that, figuring out what I really gotta to do with my life outside of music but we'll see how it goes.